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Ongoing Tariff Management

Regular Client Reviews

As competition increases and wholesale prices drop, Venture Telecom will automatically pass on additional rate reductions to our existing client base. This is not normal practice within the industry as service providers by nature wish to maximise their margins, as opposed to saving their customers money.

Probably one of the most important criteria when selecting a service provider, but in practice this element is often overlooked; the majority of service providers do not review clients' tariffs unless prompted by the client or in an attempt to retain a client who has been offered a better deal by an alternative provider. The majority of service providers believe that once a client has chosen a service provider they will not review the situation more than once every 12 to 18 months, assuming the client has no issue with quality of service i.e. the ability to make phone calls without incident. Service providers also believe that when a client conducts a review
and a better offer presents itself they will most probably give the incumbent the opportunity to match or improve on the deal offered by the alternative provider. In many cases these assumptions hold true, as clients perceive change as an upheaval and time consuming; in reality change is painless and creates no workload for the client as the new service provider deals with everything.

Venture Telecom’s success is based on proactive account management, conducting regular client reviews once every three to four months, at which time rate improvements are presented. It is also an opportunity to address any issues that may arise and present other associated products and/or services that may be of interest.

In all honesty we do not wish for our clients to become a figure on the balance sheet. It is our intention to add value to a client’s business, to maintain a personal touch increasing the likelihood of long term account retention.
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