Managed Telephony Solutions Tailored To Business Users Individual Needs…

Access to the largest and most advanced digital network in the UK

  • Services include: ADSL, FTTC, GEA – EoFTTC, EFM, Lease Line and MPLS Solutions

Access to all the Major UK Networks

  • These include BT, Cable & Wireless / Vodafone, COLT and Virgin

Ability to provision a variety of services through multiple Networks cherry picking the Best Service and Tariff

  • For large customers, operating from multiple sites of varying size, located throughout the UK requiring a variety of connectivity options

A Single UK based point of contact delivering an impeccable service

  • Contact by Freephone or Email
  • No Auto Attendant or Call Queuing; Calls answered immediately by a human being

Full Technical Support

  • We help fix your technical issues whether network or hardware related

Comprehensive Cost Reporting

  • Easy to understand
  • Bespoke Cost Management Reporting available upon request

Customer Loyalty Rebates and Incentives

  • Free Billing Months

Connection Types Explained


Venture’s ADSL Solutions are business grade, offering download speeds of up to 24MB and rapid deployment. ADSL is most commonly used as a backup service.

Broadband FTTC

Offering download speeds of up to 80MB and upload speeds of up to 20MB, using the same underlying technology as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC); it is offered as a reduced cost alternative by being a contended service, so can be impacted at peak times and by other internet users in the area. It is also able to support a single overlaid service such as Internet or SIP.

For applications requiring multiple overlaid services you will need an EoFTTC Service or better.

Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet EoFTTC

Unlike standard broadband where the copper runs all the way to the exchange, EoFTTC traffic travels across a shared fibre optic circuit to the exchange. As a result the extra distance doesn’t lead to performance degradation, which allows access to an uncontended 20MB service with fixed service SLA’s.

Fibre Ethernet (Leased Line / FTTP)

Fibre ethernet offers a dedicated bandwidth service delivered on uncontended fibre access at speeds from 10MB up to 10GB all backed up by industry leading SLA’s.

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM)

EFM is delivered over bonded copper pairs rather than fibre, which makes it a highly cost effective and resilient alternative to Fibre Ethernet Solutions. It delivers an uncontended and symmetrical service at speeds up to 30MB. With shorter lead times it is ideal for customers needing a quick installation or who have problems with Fibre access to their premises.

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