Managed Telephony Solutions Tailored To Business Users Individual Needs…

Access to a variety of established and leading Telephone System Manufacturers

  • AVAYA, Panasonic and Toshiba
  • All can be configured to meet individual company requirements.

Access to a broad and growing array of ‘peripheral’ solutions

  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Recording
  • Unified Communications
  • Video Conferencing

Full In-house Technical Support

  • Supply
    • Outright Purchase
    • Interest Free Purchase Plans
    • Leasing Plans
  • Installation
    • Our installation service incorporates a free system reprogram within the first month of installation; this is particularly helpful for customers that are unsure about how they want their new telephone system to work from the outset.
  • Maintenance and Support
    • Our maintenance plans come in various shapes and sizes to suit all budgets and required response times.
      • All are implemented by our fully trained and accredited / certified in-house engineers.
      • They cover all system hardware including handsets (excluding analogue handsets and headsets)
      • Out Of Hours work at no additional charge (subject to prior written agreement)
      • Unlimited free ‘quick’ reprogramming – for example Name Changes and Ring & Pick Up Group Changes (subject to prior written agreement)
        • Most maintainers will charge for every reprogramming request; some will offer a limited number of free reprogramming requests per year or a total amount of time allocated for reprogramming requests before they become chargeable.

A Single UK based point of contact delivering an impeccable service

  • Contact by free phone or email
  • No Auto Attendant or Call Queuing; calls answered immediately by a human being.

Telephone Systems, whilst often referred to as legacy or old technology, have been the may stay of providing a ‘tried, tested and robust’ telephony solution for many years.

Over time telephone systems have evolved dramatically providing a feature rich environment to address increasingly demanding customer needs, the majority of which are rarely used.

It is fair to say that key functionality is present in all makes and models.

The greatest cost differential is handset cost and functionality.