Managed Telephony Solutions Tailored To Business Users Individual Needs…

Access to the World’s Leading Hosted Platform

  • Broadsoft

Access to all the Major UK Hosted Providers

  • These include BT, GAMMA and Vodafone

Ability to provision a broad and growing array of services

  • For large customers, operating from multiple sites of varying size, located throughout the UK requiring varying services at individual user level, such a voicemail and call recording

A Single UK based point of contact delivering an impeccable service

  • Contact by Free phone or Email
  • No Auto Attendant or Call Queuing; Calls answered immediately by a human being

Full Technical Support

  • We help fix your technical issues whether network, carrier or hardware / device related

Comprehensive Cost Reporting

  • Easy to understand
  • Bespoke Cost Management Reporting available upon request

Proactive Tariff Management

  • As wholesale costs fall your charges also fall

Customer Loyalty Rebates and Incentives

  • Free Billing Months

Hosted Telephony – The alternative to a traditional Telephone System

At first glance both look the same supplied with a desk top phone however they vary in how they are connected to the outside world…

  • The Traditional Telephone System’s handset is connected to a ‘central control unit’ located on the customer premises
  • The Hosted Telephony Solution’s desk phones are connected, via a Router with Internet Access, to a hosted platform (which works in much the same way as a ‘central control unit’) located at the underlying providers operation centre.

The advantage to the customer being:

  • Reduced Hardware Cost
  • No Maintenance Costs
  • Reduced Call Costs
    • Free inter-site calls great for multi-site organisations / environments
  • Ability to activate features / services, such as voicemail / call recording and call diverts, at individual user level rather than group-wide
  • Enhanced Control and Visibility
  • Access to Unified Communications Solutions incorporating
    • Mobile App
    • PC Gui
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