Managed Telephony Solutions Tailored To Business Users Individual Needs…

Access to BT Lines & SIP Trunks

  • Access to BT Analogue and ISDN Lines and Dynamic SIP Connectivity

Access to all the Major UK Networks and Tier 1 Carriers

  • These include British Telecom, Cable & Wireless, Gamma and COLT

Ability to route through multiple Networks & Carriers cherry picking the Best Service and Tariff

  • For clients dialing a broad spectrum of international destinations, it is often necessary to use a mix of carriers to avoid connectivity problems

A Single UK based point of contact delivering an impeccable service

  • Contact by Freephone or Email
  • No Auto Attendant or Call Queuing; Calls answered immediately by a human being

Full Technical Support

  • We help fix your technical issues whether network, carrier and / or telephone system related

Comprehensive Cost Reporting

  • Easy to understand
  • Bespoke Cost Management Reporting available upon request

Proactive Tariff Management

  • As wholesale costs fall your charges also fall

Customer Loyalty Rebates and Incentives

  • Free Billing Months

Alternative Carriers to British Telecom

There are a large number of alternative carriers to BT operating within the UK.

When choosing an alternative carrier customers should consider the following key criteria:

Quality of Service

  • Connectivity and Customer Support

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Competitiveness of Tariff

  • Call Rates and Rental Charges including Incentives and Discounts Schemes

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Transparency and Accuracy of Billing Information

  • Invoice and Summary Cost Management Reports

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Long-Term Tariff Competitiveness

  • Access to Rate Reductions whilst in Contract

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As one of the few remaining truly independent telephony providers, Venture will only provision service with carriers able to demonstrate a proven track record in routing customers’ calls without compromising the quality of the service, whilst offering competitive rates in the short and long term.

Regardless of the number of carriers used and frequency with which they are changed, Venture provides a single point of contact for account management, support and billing.

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SIP – an alternative to BT Lines

Telephony has changed considerably over the years, evolving from a single analogue to multiple digital lines; together both continue to serve UK business customers today and are by no means obsolete.

More recently SIP has emerged and established itself as an increasingly viable and preferable alternative to BT lines, the catalyst being a significantly cheaper and broader spectrum of internet connectivity options.

  • BT lines represent a ‘Physical’ Connection between the Customer’s premises and BT’s Network; these lines are installed and maintained by BT.
  • SIP represents a ‘Virtual’ Connection delivered over the internet whereby the originating leg of the outbound call circumvents BT’s network hence reducing call costs and avoiding the need to subscribe to multiple BT lines.

Key Benefits

Reduced Costs

  • Reduced call rates
  • Reduced monthly rental charges
  • Enhanced visibility enabling customers to manage connectivity requirements proactively ensuring redundant resource is terminated and excessive usage charges avoided.

More Dynamic Disaster Recovery Solutions

  • Calls can be set to automatically divert to an alternative landline or mobile number when there is a loss in service
  • Calls can be diverted by individual DDI number to individual landline or mobile numbers.

More Robust and Flexible Fraud Prevention Solutions

  • Destination and Expenditure bars can be implemented to prevent excessive charges.

Number Flexibility

  • Telephone numbers can be relocated anywhere in the UK.