Telecommunications Today

Dramatic deregulation in the global telecommunications industry, combined with spectacular technological advances, has provided businesses the freedom to use alternative service providers. Established telecommunications companies are offering access to their networks at considerably reduced rates.

Good news in theory but in practice taking advantage of this significant advance is not so simple.

The major carriers are in contention for market share. Buyers keen to maximize these opportunities and inundated with sales calls have to pick their way through a maze of tariff and discount schemes, complex billing formats, access and connection charges; all in a highly competitive market where new offers appear frequently. It’s not surprising that buyers have been reluctant to subject themselves to the learning process, even though they know there are savings to be made.

What is the answer?

As a one of the few remaining independent UK Aggregators, Venture constantly monitors all the major carriers’ pricing strategies; our experience and technical expertise enables us to route our clients’ call and date traffic through the most beneficial route. As the market continues to develop, Venture’s depth of understanding ensures that our clients will be the first to take advantage of new benefits. Additionally, as Venture act on behalf of substantial organizations, we are in a powerful negotiating position.

The Result

  • Access to a resilient global super-network at the lowest rates available
  • All the expertise, all the benefits, none of the hard work. Implementation is seamless; clients just make calls and send data as usual, while enjoying the beneficial impact on their budgets.

Good news in theory and in practice.